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People dressed up in 'Momotxorro' costumes perform during the celebration of the carnival, Altsasu (Basque Country), March 4, 2014.It is believed that it is the only genuinely original character of the carnivals of Altsasu. The origin of these characters is unknown, but whatever the origins and purposes of these characters are, the truth is that disappeared in the 30s of the last century to be rescued aroun 1990.<br />
It is one of the most violent or aggressive characters of the masquerades in Basque Carnivals. They run through the streets with their pitchfork, frightening and "assaulting" who is passing. They carry horns, they wear sheep skins and cover their face with handkerchiefs or horse bristles. Their face, hands  and clothes are stained with the blood of a freshly slaughtered animal. They raise noise with some bells sewn to the sheep skin or hung around the waist.  (Gari Garaialde / Bostok Photo)